A. How to Create a Text Page: Heading - Embedding Videos

Part 1: Heading

Heading | Keywords and Phrases | "Heading" + size 3 font + centered


1. To make the Heading (what google picks up) type a few keywords and use the piping (shift + \ = | ) ( the \ is the button above the "enter" key).  

2.To make the Heading an actual heading, highlight all the words you just typed for the heading then click the box above that says "Paragraph," then click the large bold word "HEADING 1".  This is the correct way to make a heading.

3. While your heading is still highlighted, click the font family box and change it to Times New Roman, click it.

4. Everything still highlighted, click font size and click 3(12pt).

I've done this on every page, make sure you do this too so every page is uniform.  You don't want a bunch of random looking pages.  And don't make the heading too long, keep it to three sections with two pipes.


Homes for Sale in Woodlands of Camino Real | North Central San Antonio 78216 | RE/MAX Premier Group 


Part II: Title

Title of Page

1. The Title of the page should have the main keyword (whatever your page is about) in it.

2. For neighborhoods, I like to say "Welcome to... Keyword" then another line underneath that says "Located in blah blah blah"  This allows you to repeat two main keywords already.

3. Highlight the Title and click on the Paragraph box again, but make sure it's on Paragraph NOT Heading 1. 

4. Still highlighted, click the "Italics" button at the top and click on the "centered" button too.

5.  Make sure it's still in Times New Roman.

6. Font size 6 (24pt)

I like to make the Title blue so it stands out a bit more.  So it should look like this:

Welcome to the Woodlands of Camino Real

Located in North Central San Antonio, near Bitters and West Ave.


Part III: Text and Photos

1. All text should be in size 3(12pt) font in Times New Roman and NOT CENTERED but "aligned left".  If text looks too small, try 4(14pt) font.

2. Bold your keywords. USE LOTS OF KEYWORDS, REPEAT AS OFTEN AS YOU CAN.  Repeat words like San Antonio, San Antonio Real Estate, Premier Group, RE/MAX, North Central San Antonio, homes for sale, neighborhood names, locations, intersections whatever.  HOMES FOR SALE IN... excellent key phrase to repeat.

3. To insert a photo, save the photo to your computer and then click the "Open Photo/Graphics Library" button at the top.  Upload the photo into your library.  Once it's uploaded click on the thumbnail photo and the larger one opens to the right.  Drag the larger photo from the library onto the text page.  Center the photo by highlighting it and click the "centered" button.  Adjust the size if you can.


4. How to Create a Link on a text page:  write what it is you want to link and highlight it (for example "animals")  After you highlight your word, click the icon under the font box that looks like an unbroken chain (yes I know it's weird, it says insert/edit link when you hover over it).  Click the icon and a box opens up.  ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS CHANGE TWO THINGS: 1) insert the URL (www.whateveryouwant.com) of the page you want to link with and 2) Change the target from Open in New Window or Open in This window.  *Only do Open in New Window if the link takes you away from your website.  Otherwise you want people to stay on your site!

Example: Animals -- Animals--insert link-- Animals talking in all caps

Part IV: Embed Youtube Videos

To embed a youtube video, go to the video you want on youtube's website.  Under the video there should be a button that says "Share."  Click the share button and you should have two options.  They give you the URL which is a link to this video, you don't need this.  They also give you HTML which you EMBED the video onto your website -- the video will show on your site, you don't have to click a link.  COPY THE EMBEDDED HTML CODE (everything in the little box).  After you copy it, go back to your sitebuilder and click the button at top that says EDIT HTML SOURCE.  This gets a bit tricky, you have to look at the code and find the break in the page after your Title.  *VERY IMPORTANT*Once you find the place type,  <p> , then paste your code and then type, </p>  at the end of the code.  For some reason Pearland Sam says to do this.  

The HTML will look like this:

<p><iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/4r7wHMg5Yjg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p>

*Remember you have to insert the <p> at the beginning and </p> at the end! And you insert this into the Edit HTML Source box.

When done correctly, it should look like this:



SEO search pages are used by Google to pick up keywords and phrases that are repeated in your site and that are searched for by google users.  There are several ways to create an SEO page and EVERY PAGE NEEDS TO HAVE ONE!  You want those smiley faces on your Manage SEO page.